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Personal Insolvency

Our experienced insolvency practitioners understand the complexities of the legal system and the impact that personal insolvency or bankruptcy can have on individuals, families and businesses. We k

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Quote for bringing and defending claims for unfair dismissal or wrongful dismisssal Our range of fees for bringing and defending unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal is as follows:- Simple case (

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Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution advice for individuals Disputes in your personal life can be stressful and frustrating. If you find yourself involved in a disagreement you cannot resolve through regular discuss

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Fixed Fee Divorce Solicitors in Wolverhampton At D&N, we know that divorce can be a stressful and emotional time for all parties involved. Unfortunately, it is something that many married coupl

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Family Law

Family Law Solicitors in Wolverhampton Family breakups are among the most stressful events in people's lives. It is a challenging time for everyone who is involved. An experienced and caring family

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Employment Law for Individuals

Employment Law Solicitors If you're suffering from employment law issues at your workplace, we can help you sort out what actions you may take against your employer legally. We can also help you ma

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Settlement Agreement

A settlement agreement is often referred to as a ‘severance/redundancy agreement’ or until recently a ‘compromise agreement’. A settlement agreement is a way for employers and employees

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