Having led an exciting, financially rewarding, and fulfilling career in information technology, e-commerce security and working with a variety of high-profile clients within the private sector and central government, my life took an unexpected change in direction where my health deteriorated to an extent it had become life-threatening with me requiring an organ transplant to survive.

Deterioration of My Health and Organ Transplant

Coupled with the sudden and swift deterioration in my health, the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 had also taken full effect. Attributable to these two matters, I could not work and function normally and fought for my life. In these circumstances, I had no option but to reluctantly place my company into Creditor's Voluntary Liquidation.

Letter Received from the Insolvency Service

It was after I had undergone a life-threatening organ transplant and in a period of prolonged recovery attributable to complications with the procedure that I received notice from the Insolvency Service ('IS') that they were investigating my conduct as a director and were inclined to issue Director Disqualification Proceedings against me. The IS also confirmed they were seeking a financial recovery via a Compensation Order ('CO') from me in my capacity for £39,999.00.

Receiving such correspondence only heightened my ill health, which left me bed bound for more than 12 to 14 hours a day, unable to work or function as I used to. It also greatly impacted my family, who had been supporting me through this difficult time. I was overwhelmed and uncertain about how to deal with matters without my health worsening.

What I Did

I made internet enquiries and received a recommendation from a trusted source to contact Gulshan Kumar ('Gulshan'). Once I had, Gulshan provided much-needed reassurance to my family and me. Gulshan provided a logical, sensible, and systematic approach to dealing with matters.

Gulshan listened and appreciated the sensitivities of my health and my family's concerns in balancing how to deal with the IS. This proved invaluable in the IS then willing to deal with matters in correspondence and not immediately issue proceedings which had been their initial approach.

The Result – Disqualification, but No Compensation Order of £39,999.00 Sought

Attributable to dealing with the issues in stages, highlighting to the IS where their case was incorrect, weak, or unsupported forced the IS to revisit their initial confident approach at the outset. Gulshan was able to do this, having once obtained a full and complete background from me and effectively communicating the points to the IS.

This approach resulted in the IS agreeing to a much lower disqualification period than initially sought at the outset. Moreover, the IS completely abandoned the seeking of a CO against me for £39,999.00.

As of the time of this testimonial, I am recovering from a liver transplant and have also been informed that, absent an improvement in my kidney function, I shall require dialysis and be placed on the kidney transplant list. Dealing with this as a family and a potential financial burden of £39,999.00, would have been catastrophic and a likely insurmountable hurdle we would not have recovered from.

Gulshan, in being able to convince the IS in not to pursue a CO, has given me and my family hope, positivity, and trust in a process that we felt was initially lacking at the outset. It has been extremely difficult and testing for my family and me. Gulshan has understood the sensitivities of the circumstances and obtained a positive result that will enable me to focus on my health and family.

Thank you, Gulshan. Anyone who finds themselves in a similar position should not hesitate to contact you!

SK, Birmingham